The Art of letting go ...

Institutional Transformation from hierarchies to networks, setting people free to create & engage...

Stop feeding the Dinosaurs.

Think Different!

The art of purpose ...

Exponential growth along a credible roadmap to sustainable prosperity for future generations.

Ignore everybody.

Think BIG!

The Art of Performance ...

A Leadership Performance System that replaces your dysfunctional Corporate Reporting with just OneKPI.

Nobody wants more data.

Think Simple!

The Flying Dutchman...

Growing up in Amsterdam, I always wanted to be a pilot, curious to explore the world and to  learn which buttons to press to fly high above the clouds, Closer to the Sun.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but my wise grandfather “E”, a math teacher and competitive chess player, imparted his wisdom onto me over a game of Chess when he said:

1. To not worry about my next move, but instead to always think deeply about - at least - the next FIVE steps ahead.

2. To checkmate the other King, you are going to have to play this game back to front;

3. When external noise bothers you, just be patient and mindful in turning it off.

Today, when challenged to navigate life, I wonder what “E” would do, and often just use One finger to stop floods.


Hans Brinker

All you need is OneKPI

I absolutely LOVE helping people and organisations realise their full potential.

OneKPI is a uniquely different Leadership Consulting firm driving undisputed leadership performance. Our superior services are exclusively introduced to you with black limousines, Champagne breakfasts and five-star hotels.

We cultivate triple crown winning conditions for employees, customers and stakeholders equally and we insist on a fun working culture.

Our partnership model is flat; our services engaged via auctions or direct; our profits are distributed monthly to a charitable fund supporting future generations.

Because we treat our work like Art, we believe our clients are best positioned to value their own goals and dreams.

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